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Game-Changing IT Services for Consumer Goods Companies

There’s a shift taking place in the consumer goods industry – and technology is the driving force.

Innovation, rapidly evolving software, and tech-savvy consumers are dramatically changing the way retail companies produce and distribute products. Success for CPG (consumer-packaged goods) companies depends on efficiency and productivity.

Executives today understand that IT is capable of game-changing innovation and business transformation that can stimulate revenue growth, get products to market faster, and even create entirely new business models.

Serious Data Security

Consumers trust companies less today than in the past when it comes to maintaining the security and integrity of their data. If your IT infrastructure is weak, inefficient, or full of vulnerabilities, you’re exposing customers to all kinds of threats. In fact, PWC’s national consumer intelligence survey found that 85 percent of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices.

Trust and security are essential to building loyal customers. That’s why Galaxy IT takes cybersecurity seriously by enhancing your systems and network with advanced segmentation, endpoint protection, patch management, and more. We also train your employees and run phishing simulations to help keep your workforce vigilant against potential threats.

Managed IT Services for Consumer Goods Companies

Our Salt Lake City manufacturing IT support company provides the help you need to standardize your systems, reduce costs, and deliver the experience consumers demand. From the business line of software support and process optimization to data system integrations, Galaxy IT will help revolutionize your company’s relationship with technology.

Our Areas of Consumer Goods Expertise

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Galaxy IT has everything you need to keep your consumer goods business safe – network security, antivirus, threat detection, intrusion prevention, and much more. We’ll help you protect your valuable intellectual property like formulas or recipes and prevent crippling data breaches so you can sustain brand loyalty with confidence – because in today’s world consumer trust is easily lost.

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From viruses and spyware to ransomware and coordinated corporate espionage by competitors seeking to steal intellectual property, businesses in Utah face an existential threat without the proper network support or safeguards in place. Partner with a local team of cybersecurity professionals that specialize in protecting Utah companies against emerging threats.

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